Here you will find the frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee this. The accessibility of urbex locations can vary from day to day. We only provide the location and therefore do not guarantee that the location is actually accessible.

Always do your own research! Take a good look at the Google Maps screenshot before you buy, these images are in most cases quite recent. Below the image you can find in which year the satellite photo was generated. In addition, search for the name of this location in Google to find out what the current status is. If from this satellite images and / or your own research it does not seem worthwhile to purchase the location, avoid disappointment and choose another location.

We send you the locations in 3 ways:

Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS)
A link to Google maps

You can enter the Latitude/Longitude in older navigation systems.

The DMS can be entered in the newer cars, and with the Google maps link you can view the locations directly on your smartphone.

Our system is automated, so as soon as you make a payment, the locations you have purchased will be sent directly to the e-mail address you have provided.

You can always contact us via our contact form.